Mammoth Marketing Team Supporting Men's Health Awareness

Mammoth Marketing's team is supporting charity by raising awareness of men's health issues. They are using Movember activities to give back to the community.

​Giving back is an important part of the company culture at Mammoth Marketing. For the month of November, the team decided to support the Movember charity to help raise awareness for men’s health. “For each like or share we receive on our relevant Movember Facebook post, we will donate $1.00 to the Movember Foundation,” said Meghan, Director of Operations at Mammoth Marketing.

“The Movember Foundation is a charity our team decided to support because it’s the only one tackling men’s health issues on a global scale, all year,” continued Meghan. “Cancer affects the lives of friends and family and our team wants to help raise awareness and money to support this organization.”

A couple team members shared their stories about loved ones who were diagnosed with cancer and immediately the Mammoth Marketing team wanted to do something to help.

Team member Jenelle shared her story of finding out her dad had cancer, “When we got the news my dad had lymphoma, we were terrified,” said Jenelle. “’I have cancer’ are three words you never want to have to hear a loved one say. Cancer struck my father’s life, but it didn’t manage to get him down. Thanks to a strong faith, awesome doctors, and a kick-butt support system, my father has been able to fight back. One good thing that has come out of this terrifying phase in my dad’s life is a new outlook and appreciation of the people he loves the most. We are a stronger family, which I never thought was possible, and we all have a new regard for the importance of maintaining health and keeping strong relationships.”

Jennie, another team member here at Mammoth Marketing experienced a life change as well when her husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer just 3 years ago. “Two intense months passed by and he was finally able to come home things were looking well he was recovering quickly, but that wasn't the end he still faced a very dangerous 12inch surgery down his stomach, where thankfully everything came out great but needed a lot of caring,” said Jennie. “Till today we are still fighting still facing other surgeries, getting used to dealing with side-affects. This whole process changed my life in appreciating what I have in living life like there will be no tomorrow and loving the ones next to us more than ever.”

Meghan, the director also dealt with a similar life change with her father, also diagnosed with testicular cancer. “I didn't see the worst times when he lost his hair and became weak and stopped working but I know how hard it was for my mom and siblings that experienced the cancer day by day. We were lucky that it was caught early and unlikely to spread. I am so grateful for his smooth recovery and my family and friends support through this. I know many people are not that fortunate,” said Meghan.

Giving back to the community, especially when supporting charities that matter so much to associates, helps the Mammoth Marketing team feel great about their efforts and brings everyone closer together. “Supporting men’s health awareness is something new our team decided to do this year and I really think we’ve been able to make an impact and feel good about what we did,” said Meghan.

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