Mammoth Marketing Returns From Conferences With Top Leaders

Select members from Mammoth Marketing's team recently attended two conferences at which they met with top leaders and gained considerable knowledge. Attending these events is one of the ways the firm's team stays ahead of trends.

“These conferences are among the many ways our people have a chance to learn more about our industry from a broad perspective,” said Meghan, Mammoth Marketing’s Director of Operations. “We see each one as an opportunity to grow professionally as individuals and as a team.”

The first conference team members from Mammoth Marketing attended was the national leadership conference. “This event brings together all of the top leaders in our division to learn, exchange ideas, and meet with ambitious people from other regions,” explained Meghan. “At this function, we have a chance to pick up fresh ideas for our event-based marketing campaigns as well as network with some of the most influential people in the industry.” Meghan N., Lilah, Jimmy, Meghan C., and Molly attended this conference.

The second event was the regional conference. “All of the top managers from the Denver area participated in this conference,” Meghan said. “The other directors of operations and some big-name executives delivered presentations as well. It was a great opportunity to discuss the industry and what is effective in our region.” Lilah, Brody, Tom, and Meghan N. attended.

Mammoth Marketing’s Director of Operations Describes Why Conferences Are Important

As Meghan stated, each travel adventure is an enriching experience for Mammoth Marketing’s top leaders. “These trips are one of the ways we reward our people,” she stated. “It’s not just a chance to get away, because attending conferences and other regional events often unleashes leadership opportunities.”

“When our people venture out to a conference, they bring back information that can be shared across our entire team,” she explained. “We review all schedules of events, who will be speaking, and put together plans and objectives to ensure we’re getting the most value from our travel.”

Meghan noted that in order to attend these events, team members needed to achieve specific milestones that indicated they were on track for advancement. “Travel is a reward we bestow on our best and brightest,” she reiterated. “We strive to set our people up for success by not only providing the resources but the motivation. The best way in which to inspire people is to give them something concrete toward which they need to work. Goals that are specific and measurable allow them to see their progress and visualize their paths to realizing professional growth.”

“The best part of these experiences is that we can share them as a team and become closer,” Meghan concluded. “This is why our firm ultimately rises to the top in the industry.”

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