Mammoth Marketing: Making Plans for a Vibrant Future

The managers of Mammoth Marketing recently shared that the team would be ending 2017 on a high note with many accomplishments. In addition, they discussed plans for 2018, as well as what makes the team successful.

“It’s been a tremendous year at Mammoth Marketing,” said Meghan, the firm’s Director of Operations. “We have more than doubled the capacity of our business in just one year.”

As Meghan shared, Mammoth Marketing’s promotional footprint has expanded greatly this year. “We ran promotional launches in 13 states over the last 12 months,” said. “We launched tests with a major retailer throughout the summer. We launched in another area just six weeks ago.”

With the firm’s growth have come opportunities for team members to advance as well. “One of the bright spots of this year is 10 of our team members joined us in Punta Cana for the annual Rest and Relaxation Retreat,” she said. “This is in addition to advancing some of our people into leadership roles. By the end of 2017, we expect to promote two people to assistant managers and expand into a third region.”

“I see no reason for us to stop growing at the current rate,” Meghan continued. “We would like to grow our organization to seven executive managers.”

Mammoth Marketing Director of Operations Discusses Team Culture, Values, and Goals

As Meghan noted, at the heart of Mammoth Marketing’s success is their people. “I love our team,” she said. “We are such a tight family. I know in many businesses, you can feel like a number or overlooked. Here we truly support each other personally and professionally. This bond has allowed us to push each other further every day. It is no doubt that we have been able to accomplish what we have so far because of this strong team.”

One of the factors that helps build those bonds is the team shares common values and goals. “There are three key qualities we look for when hiring our team: hard work, positive attitude and a strong desire to learn and grow,” she said. “Any skill can be taught, but those key qualities result from strong work ethics. We thrive on these traits and maintaining their consistency through obstacles and successes.”

Each accomplishment reflects the objectives established for branding specialists. “Goal formation is essential to achieving desired results,” Meghan explained. “It’s essential that companies and individuals have a concrete vision. I believe the simple difference between average and above-average people is the number of tasks one can successfully fulfill in a shorter amount of time.”

“In 2017, we condensed our training, exploded our growth as a company, maintained our quality, and broke company records,” Meghan concluded. “None of that would be possible if we didn't have a proper vision to direct our efforts and allow us to flourish. I expect 2018 to be even more prosperous.”

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