Mammoth Marketing Celebrating a Year of Success

​As the Mammoth Marketing team celebrated the firm’s first anniversary, the President discussed the organization’s growth and achievements throughout the past year. She also addressed some of her goals for the future.

“We are so proud of all the success we have enjoyed throughout the past 12 months,” said Meghan, Mammoth Marketing’s President. “Reflecting on it really gets us excited for the future. A lot has changed in a positive way since we first opened our doors.”

Meghan reported that the team has consistently expanded the Mammoth Marketing portfolio. They do five times more shows than they did a year ago, and the group itself has grown substantially in number as well as skill set.

“Location-wise, we’ve expanded to eight other states,” Meghan stated. “We now do business in Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico. Our hope is to continue this growth into new territories to expand our brand roster and allow more room for additional associates.”

The company President pointed out that business growth is more than a matter of putting out a good product. The excellence must come from every aspect of a company, from its foundation and professional opportunities to its community presence and industry standing. When these factors are in place, high-level customer service, recruitment and retention, revenue increases, product diversification, entrance into new markets, and lots of new developments occur.

Mammoth Marketing President Applauds High-Performing Team

“I’m also really proud of everyone on the Mammoth Marketing team,” Meghan continued. “We are fortunate to have dedicated, driven, and goal-oriented professionals with us. Our leadership has done an extraordinary job influencing growth and the mentality to set higher expectations, as well as a culture in which everyone can work together to fulfill those ambitions.”

According to Meghan, the firm’s success has enabled the hiring of three people to the administrative team, including an inventory manager. This group is crucial to the hiring and recruiting process, because they find motivated individuals interested in joining the organization.

“With all the success we’ve achieved in the first year of business, we have big dreams for the future,” Meghan concluded. “Our goal is to grow to five executive managers by the end of the year, and to open more offices in new locations. We are hopeful for what’s to come and considering all we’ve done so far, I think things look quite promising!”

About Mammoth Marketing Inc.:

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