Exciting Fourth Quarter Planned at Mammoth Marketing

AURORA, CO – Mammoth Marketing’s Director discussed promotions and trips for the fourth quarter. She stated that goals for both the company and its team members play a crucial role in the way the business is run, and that the firm is hiring.

“Things have been very exciting for us here at Mammoth Marketing recently,” declared Meghan, the firm’s Director of Operations. “During the Summer Olympics we participated in Pass the Baton to support USA team hopefuls, we just added a new brand to our portfolio, and we’re expanding our operational reach both locally and nationally.”

There are several Mammoth Marketing associates who have shown their leadership potential during this time, and according to Meghan these are the names to watch out for when promotions are being given later in the year. Lilah, Meghan C., Tess, Elizabeth, and Ian have all been instrumental in helping the firm grow, and are rising stars.

“When I think about which Mammoth Marketing leaders excel, I can point to clearly defined goals as playing a large role. I know if I talk to all the high achievers I just mentioned and ask them what they’re working toward, they will be able to tell me without hesitation or doubt. They are certain about where they are going, and they have an action plan for getting there.”

As an example, Meghan points out that Lilah recently traveled to Dallas for a national leadership conference. This was a qualifying event that not every team member was able to attend, but Lilah set her sights on being there and put in the effort to make it happen. Her tenacity and sense of purpose were commendable, according to the Director, and Lilah has used the information she gained at the weekend retreat to ramp up her efforts even more. 

“I’m really excited about another trip scheduled in the fourth quarter that takes qualifying team members to Las Vegas for a weekend of fun and relaxation,” Meghan shared. “The timing is perfect – it occurs right before the big winter holiday shopping season – so anyone who goes will come back supercharged for the busiest time of year!”

Growth Encourages Hiring at Mammoth Marketing

Our portfolio has expanded to new heights and we have added campaigns throughout the Midwest. South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa are the top markets we’ve expanded to. This adds an edge to our company that adds travel opportunities to all who join our team. Expanding our horizons, expands the horizons of our associates and that is a key to company and personal growth.

With this increase in business and expected promotions, leaders at Mammoth Marketing are looking forward to adding several new associates to the roster. “We’re looking for professionals that understand the value of working for a company that prioritizes development, rewards based on merit, and believes in philanthropy,” Meghan shared. “Experience in marketing is a plus, but not a deal breaker. Interested parties should visit our website to find out more.”

About Mammoth Marketing Inc.

Mammoth Marketing is known for unforgettable event-based sales initiatives. The firm’s branding specialists design and launch these campaigns, which never fail to drive big business growth in new markets. Their success results from extensive research and unique messages that engage targeted buyers for the long term. The company’s shining reputation has led to rapid expansion while guaranteeing bright futures for all involved. To learn more, please visit mammothmarketinginc.com. 

Source: Mammoth Marketing Inc